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What To Expect During A Sleep Evaluation Phone Call

Stephanie will ask some general questions about your child’s current sleep habits to best understand your family’s sleep situation. These questions assist Stephanie in determining how she can potentially help, as well as helping you decide if sleep consulting will be a benefit for your family. If we are a good fit, Stephanie will discuss the next steps to your new beginning.

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Questions About The Sleep Evaluation?

If you would like to find out more about the sleep evaluation or any of the sleep consulting packages, please feel free to contact Stephanie for more information.

Another Sleep Story…

“I will start off like this… I own my own business and have very high standards when I am dealing with the same small businesses. I have always been tired since my son was born and he in 2.5 years old now. Hudson literally never slept. When he was a new born I was up 20 hours out of 24 with him.

Push through 2.5 years and I broke and called Stephanie! She literally got back to me the very next day and we started working together within 3 days. Stephanie is so amazing, understanding, compassionate, detailed and really feels what we feel as broken down tired moms.

She pushed and pushed all the way through with me and I am so grateful for her. Now Hudson is having consistent naps everyday, he has a solid bed time routine and knows what to expect. He sleeps all night long.

I can not Thank her enough for everything. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE! CALL HER NOW!”

Crystal J. & Family