Sleep Consulting Packages
– Prenatal & Newborn

Teaching Families Healthy, Independent Sleep Skills

Why I’m Different

Giving Exhausted Parents The Tools & Support They Need

As a Sleep Sense (TM) Certified Consultant, my goal is to teach families how to create healthy, independent sleep skills for their babies and children that last a lifetime.

Customized Sleep Plan & Schedules

I’ll give you a customized sleep plan & daily schedules to accomplish your sleep goals for your child while still being a GREAT mom.

Teaching You What To Do

I’ll teach you what to do when your child does not go to sleep or wakes during naps and at night.

I Am Your Biggest Fan

I am your biggest fan & will fully show up for you each week. I will hold you accountable to your goals and dreams for your child.

Unlimited Message Support & Support Calls

I support you with scheduled calls within our time working together as well as unlimited messaging support through Voxer.

Step-by-Step Documentation

I’ll supply you with step-by-step documents on what to expect if you travel, daylight savings and as your child ages how to reduces # of naps and daily schedules.

I Care Deeply About Your Family

I care deeply about getting your family the results you want & I will do anything in my power to turn your goals into a reality.

Sleep Consulting Packages

"Your Child's Sleep is an investment not an expense."

Prenatal & Newborn
$250 investment

( 0 – 12 Weeks )

What You Will Receive:

  • VIP 1:1 private coaching till your child is 12 weeks old
  • Private 45-60 min Consultation
  • 3 scheduled 1:1 support calls
  • Daily support via messenger or email
  • Preliminary assessment of your child’s sleep habits and room evaluation
  • Access to sleep log that will be review on a daily basis and be commented on

Add Twin Sibling $100

Add Bedtime Support To Any Package
– Support will be available through Voxer for your first night of the sleep plan.
– Half night support add $400 (bedtime routine til midnight)
– Full night support add $1000

What Families are Saying...

healthy, independent sleep skills

New Beginnings Sleep Consulting teaches families how to create healthy, independent sleep skills that last a lifetime.