Sleep Consulting Packages
– Infant & Toddler

Teaching Families Healthy, Independent Sleep Skills

Why I’m Different

Giving Exhausted Parents The Tools & Support They Need

As a Sleep Sense (TM) Certified Consultant, my goal is to teach families how to create healthy, independent sleep skills for their babies and children that last a lifetime.

Customized Sleep Plan & Schedules

I’ll give you a customized sleep plan & daily schedules to accomplish your sleep goals for your child while still being a GREAT mom.

Unlimited Message Support & Support Calls

I support you with scheduled calls within our time working together as well as unlimited messaging support through Voxer.

Teaching You What To Do

I’ll teach you what to do when your child does not go to sleep or wakes during naps and at night.

Step-by-Step Documentation

I’ll supply you with step-by-step documents on what to expect if you travel, daylight savings and as your child ages how to reduces # of naps and daily schedules.

I Am Your Biggest Fan

I am your biggest fan & will fully show up for you each week. I will hold you accountable to your goals and dreams for your child.

I Care Deeply About Your Family

I care deeply about getting your family the results you want & I will do anything in my power to turn your goals into a reality.

Sleep Consulting Packages

"Your Child's Sleep is an investment not an expense."

Infant & Toddler
$425 investment

( 3 – 17 Months )

What You Will Receive:

  • 2 weeks of VIP 1:1 private coaching
  • Private 60-90 min Consultation
  • 4 scheduled 1:1 support calls
  • UNLIMITED daily support via messenger or email
  • Preliminary assessment of your child’s sleep habits and room evaluation
  • Access to sleep log that will be review on a daily basis and be commented on

Add Twin Sibling $100

Add Bedtime Support To Any Package
– Support will be available through Voxer for your first night of the sleep plan.
– Half night support add $400 (bedtime routine til midnight)
– Full night support add $1000

What Families are Saying...

healthy, independent sleep skills

New Beginnings Sleep Consulting teaches families how to create healthy, independent sleep skills that last a lifetime.