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I know you’re tired. So I give you the tools & support you need to teach your child in a supportive manner to become an independent sleeper…with No ‘Cry It Out‘!

What If…

  • WHAT knew exactly what to do when your child wakes during the night, has short naps, or wont sleep...
  • WHAT had more time to do the things you loved that made you feel alive & fulfilled...
  • WHAT had my support the entire 3 weeks getting your child on a healthy sleeping schedule and learning how to self-soothe themselves to sleep...
  • WHAT had more evening time to relax with your significant other and chill while watching a movie or show...
  • ...WITHOUT missing out on being the best (energized, loving, patient) mother you can be to your kids, or feeling overwhelmed and exhausted because you don’t know your next steps?

I can change your ‘What If’ into reality by giving your family the gift of sleep…book your FREE EVALUATION HERE.

How Stephanie Helped Us…

“We were struggling with sleep, I was up 4 times a night on a good night 8 times on a bad and there seemed to be more bad than good. Naps were beginning to be a fight. Stephanie was such a huge help, we had a plan and we had support. We are now getting 12 hours of sleep at night and a full nap again. I cannot say enough good things.”

Carrie I.

I’m Stephanie

I was once in your shoes…tired mom and felt like I was failing at being a new parent. I was reaching out to other moms, family, and friends for support. I received support from family, but nothing I was trying for my daughter to sleep was working. She was crying day after day, and I became more frustrated and anxious and became very short-tempered. I was TIRED! There must be a better way.

I found a local baby sleep consultant who helped us, and I wanted to learn more. Our experience was life-changing. During and after our time, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue so I could empower other moms, dads, and families like ours.

I became a Certified Sleep Consultant from the most reputable program in the country. My goal is to educate and teach other parents about sleep and to prepare them each step of the way. So, no parent will feel lost, alone or confused – they will feel supported and prepared.

I’m now one of the most well-known sleep consultants in Sherwood Park & area, and I’m so happy to be helping so many families achieve their own sleep goals for their children.

Stephanie Heintz

My Philosophy

I use a frame which is proven to reach your child’s sleep goals gently but quickly. These methods have help over 100,000 parents and counting. I wanted to be trained by the best in the business so I can give the best advice and guidance to parents.

My goal for you and your family is pretty simple: To get your little one sleeping and to achieve your goals.

We will do this by:

1. Having an honest and educational discussion about why sleep is so important for your child.

2. I will create specialized sleep plan for your child that is easy to follow and we discuss step by step each situation that may arise and what to do.

3. Create goals for your child and how we are going to measure and celebrate this success along the way. This will take time; success is different for every child just like each child maybe skilled in athletics, school, music, drawing, etc.

The bottom line is this: Sleep is tremendously important. It is just as important for your child as a healthy diet or loving home.

What About Crying?

Crying is your child’s way of expressing their objections to change, and you can expect that making adjustments to their sleep habits will result in some protest. Yet, when done in a loving, gentle, and respectful way your child will protest less and less. I will use a method that will be customized to suit your families needs in regards to your child’s protests.

I will NEVER ask you or your family to use the ‘cry it out’ method. I will never ask a family to leave their child alone to cry or to ignore their cries. This goes against all my values and training I have done. I will guide you through this process in a supportive manner while creating a plan that is specific to your child and families needs.

How Stephanie has changed lives

We started sleep training at 3 weeks old and we are sure glad we did!

Starting this early, we didn’t have to try and break any of our sons habits and putting him to bed became a breeze before he was even a month old.  He would fall asleep within 5 mins of us putting him in his crib, no fussing!  By 10 weeks old, he was sleeping 9-10 hours a night. Because of Steph, I barely felt sleep deprived with a newborn baby and our son wakes up every morning with a smile on his face.

I highly recommend New Beginnings Sleep Consulting for your sleep training needs. Thank you Stephanie!!!

Christina A.

My husband and I were hesitant about contacting a sleep consultant as we weren’t sure anything was going to work for our little guy but we were surprised by how well he adapted to the change and is now sleeping at night.

We went from co-sleeping and nursing him 3+ times a night to him sleeping by himself in his crib. He only wakes for one feed now. (Our choice to keep a night feed). We are able to just place him in his crib and leave the room knowing he will fall asleep on his own in a reasonable amount of time.

Prior to sleep training he rarely napped longer than 20 min and would typically only nap longer stretches if we were laying with him. Now he is napping twice a day in his crib 1-2 hrs long.  We are all happier and better rested!

Jenna S

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Sleep Consulting Packages

Prenatal & Newborn

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This package instills healthy sleep habits from the beginning by providing sleep tools and techniques to promote healthy sleep from the beginning.

Infant & Toddler

(3 – 17 months )

Beginning of formal sleep training and providing the methods to successfully have your child learning to self-soothe and become an independent sleeper.

Toddler & Pre-School

(18 months – 7 Years )

This gives you methods to successfully stop nighttime protesting or delaying bedtime while giving tools for them to become an independent sleeper.

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