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SLEEP IMPACTS THE WHOLE FAMILY. Many families accept not sleeping as being NORMAL. It’s NOT normal, and your family doesn’t have to struggle!

Being a sleep and postpartum parent educator in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area, I want you to feel heard, understood and encouraged through this life-changing experience. As your newborn, baby and toddler sleep coach, potty training coach educator, I will provide you with a personalized plan that matches your family’s uniqueness while meeting your sleep goals.

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    Why Parents Choose Me & How I'm Different

    Fast. Yes, I know when you are ready to book first call your ready to start to make changes. I respond quickly because I care about helping families like yours get the sleep you all need.

    Stress Reduced. When we talk there is no judgment from me. I listen to your unique situation and see how I can help. I take into consideration your sensitivity to crying and stay clear of the cry it out. I develop a unique and compassionate plan that will still gain your family the results you want.

    Clear Steps. I organize your unique sleep plan to make it easy to navigate and understand. So, you have a game plan and know what to do in each sleep situation.

    Supportive. I will be there when you need me. Encourage you throughout the whole process and calm any overtired nerves.

    Educate. I strive to teach and explain sleep in detail and with evidence base studies. Sleep is complex and learning the ‘why’ about sleep associations or regressions happen can avoid further unwanted sleep regressions. I teach you so you are ready to tackle the 8-month sleep regression, nap transitions, potty training, crib to bed and much more.

    How Stephanie Helped Us…

    This experience changed our lives! We came to Stephanie with our 3rd baby (11 months old) who would only fall asleep nursing. I was feeling almost desperate as he was sleeping in our bed and waking several times a night.


    I was still very skeptical that something like this would work for us. I was amazed at the almost instant results. Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable, very caring and took a uniquely catered approach to our lifestyle and circumstances.


    Our little guy not only sleeps through the night, in his own crib, but his overall mood and even eating habits have improved dramatically. We are forever grateful for the impact of this experience..”

    Megan D.  mom of 11 month old

    I’m Stephanie

    I was once in your shoes…tired mom and felt like I was failing at being a new parent. I was reaching out to other moms, family, and friends for support. I received support from family, but nothing I was trying for my daughter to sleep was working. She was crying day after day, and I became more frustrated and anxious and became very short-tempered. I was TIRED! There must be a better way.

    I found a local baby sleep consultant who helped us, and I wanted to learn more. Our experience was life-changing. During and after our time, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue so I could empower other moms, dads, and families like ours.

    I am a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant from the most reputable program in the country. My goal is to educate and teach other parents about sleep and to prepare them each step of the way. So, no parent will feel lost, alone or confused – they will feel supported and prepared.

    I’m now one of the most well-known sleep consultants in Sherwood Park & Edmonton area, and I’m so happy to be helping so many families achieve their own sleep goals for their children.

    Stephanie Heintz

    My Philosophy

    Sleep is wellness and is one of the main components to us being ourselves. That’s why I’m here to give you your life balance so you can be the best you, enjoy parenthood without sacrificing your own health and relationships.

    I use a frame which is proven to reach your child’s sleep goals gently but quickly. 

    At New Beginnings Sleep Consulting your goals are our goals and this is met with  guaranteed results!

    We will do this by:

    1. Having an honest and educational discussion about why sleep is so important for your child.

    2. I will create specialized sleep plan for your child that is easy to follow and we discuss step by step each situation that may arise and what to do.

    3. Create goals for your child and how we are going to measure and celebrate this success along the way. This will take time; success is different for every child just like each child maybe skilled in athletics, school, music, drawing, etc.

    The bottom line is this: Sleep is tremendously important. It is just as important for your child as a healthy diet or loving home.

    What About Crying?

    Crying is your child’s way of expressing their objections to change, and you can expect that making adjustments to their sleep habits will result in some protest. Yet, when done in a loving, gentle, and respectful way your child will protest less and less. I will use a method that will be customized to suit your families needs in regards to your child’s protests.

    I will NEVER ask you or your family to use the ‘cry it out’ method. I will never ask a family to leave their child alone to cry or to ignore their cries. This goes against all my values and training I have done. I will guide you through this process in a supportive manner offering techniques to reduce crying while creating a plan that is specific to your child and families needs.

    How Stephanie has changed lives

    Stephanie is amazing! My daughter was cosleeping with me in my bed. I had to shush, rock, and pat her bum every time to put her to sleep.

    With Stephanie’s guidance, she is now sleeping in her own bed, falling asleep by herself and sleeping 12 hours at night! I highly recommend having Stephanie help you. If you’re thinking about sleep training, just do it!

    Krista R

    Mom of 10 month old

    Best Experience Ever.

    Stephanie helped us a lot with sleeping plan for our daughter. Our daughter is sleeping now in her own room without caring her around.

    She also start sleeping through the night.
    Thank you so much. 🙂

    Tajana K.

    Mom of 25-month-old

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    Free Downloadable

    Sleep Resources

    to get your little one sleeping

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    Sleep Consulting Packages

    Prenatal & Newborn

    (0 – 12 weeks )

    This package instills healthy sleep habits from the beginning by providing sleep tools and techniques to promote healthy sleep from the beginning.


    (3 – 24 months )

    Beginning of formal sleep training and providing the methods to successfully have your child learning to self-soothe and become an independent sleeper.


    (2 – 7 Years )

    This gives you methods to successfully stop nighttime protesting or delaying bedtime while giving tools for them to become an independent sleeper.

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